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Pork ribs chops with kiwi marinade

Here nothing much to talk about. Fresh meat and suitable spice - this is the key to success. I chose kiwi for the marinade , out perfectly. Exotic note played a symphony of taste:)



Pork ribs chops 2 PCs
For marinade:
olive oil 3 tbsp
The mixture of peppers (grind) 1 tsp
2 Kiwi (puree)
sea salt
honey 1 tsp.


grease pork with marinade and leave for 1 hour. Cook on fire before the desired taste. I was frying 2-3 minutes on each side.


I showed this to my boyfriend, I think he might give it a try. These are not things I would have thought to put together, you're so creative :)
Thanks a lot :)