Beet salad with apples and walnuts

Hurrah, hurrah, hurrah! I am back. During this time, I seriously plunged into a workout, so now my family have two types of eating : fitness food and home nutritious cuisine :) . I will post some photo of my new tricks and achieved results, but first - recipe. Today I offer you a very delicious, healthy winter salad. We are used to eating beets with cheese or with prunes, but in Transcarpathia region this salad is very populatoo. Bon appetit.
I'm with you all missed :)


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And not your usual pancakes either, these are 27 pancakes worth waking up for.

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Do you like pancakes? How do you eat yours? I usually have frozen fruit in my freezer, so I make plain pancakes (or put a little spice in them) and while they are cooking, put the frozen fruit and spices in a pot to heat up into a delicious fruit mush I pour over the pancakes. I'll use real maple syrup when I have it, but I am not really a fan of table syrup.